Make Legendary Rock Status With a Marshall SC20C Studio Classic® Combo Amp.

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Everyone wants to rock, but not everyone has access to legendary tones. Until now, that is. With the Marshall Studio Classic® combo amp, you don't need to be a tube-amp tech god to become a bona fide rock legend. We've taken the iconic JCM800 series and packed it into an ultra-portable 20W combo with tons of modern features, all without sacrificing the classic sound you know and love.

You can control your tone at home with power reduction that takes your wattage as low as 5W. And if you're looking for more variety, there's an effects loop for integrating your pedals just the way you like it. We've also included a 10" Celestion V-type speaker for unparalleled portability and sound quality. Now all you have to do is plug in and start creating rock tones!


Overview of the Marshall Studio Classic Combo Amp


Are you in the market for an amp that can take you from practice session to legendary rock status? Look no further than the Marshall Studio Classic® combo amp. This dual-channel, all-valve, 20W combo amp packs a powerful punch in a portable frame. The JCM800 series tone has been condensed into this small package, giving you that classic Marshall sound with modern features.

Whether you’re playing at home or taking it on tour with you, the 10" Celestion V-type speaker makes it convenient to transport without sacrificing on tone. And with power reduction down to 5W, you can practice and jam at home without disturbing the neighbors.

Plus, if that's not enough sound for your liking there’s also an effects loop for adding anything from reverb and delay to chorus and flanger—allowing you to customize your tones even further and achieve huge tone from your home practice amp.


Power Reduction for Maximum Tonal Control

You don’t have to be a master of sound engineering to get that legendary Marshall tone. That’s because the Marshall Studio Classic® combo contains all the power you need for variety and control.

We’ve packed the tone of the JCM800 series into a full-power 20W combo and gave it a power reduction feature to let you achieve huge tone at home, or on stage. With a simple twist of the power knob you can reduce that full-power output down to 5W, enabling more dynamic crunch tones without overbearing levels in quieter environments.

This invaluable feature provides total tonal control, allowing you to create nuanced sounds with your amp both indoors and out. Add to this an effects loop for adding even more variety.

Reap the Benefits of All-Valve Power

Gain legendary rock status with the all-valve power of the Marshall Studio Classic® combo amp. Valves have long been favored by musicians thanks to their ability to provide impressive sounds while also being able to be reduced down to lower wattages.


The Marshall Studio Classic® strikes a perfect balance between modern features and classic sounds. With an abundance of tone, an effects loop for adding even more variety, and UK-made, all-valve power reduction, the Marshall Studio Classic® can help you achieve huge tones from the comfort of your own home. And not to worry – We’ve also selected a 10” Celestion V-type speaker for convenient portability without sacrificing sound.

So if you want to gain legendary rock status with a powerful all-valve combo amp, then the Marshall Studio Classic® is for you!

Adding Variety with an Effects Loop

Amp-up your sound with an effects loop. This versatile feature gives you the ability to create wild, new sounds and textures. Connect up to four devices, such as distortion and reverb pedals, at once and store your settings for easy recall the next time you plug in. And, with the Marshall Studio Classic® combo amp, you get all of this plus a truly classic rock sound in a 20W package.

But if that's not enough power for you, the combo also has a Power Reduction feature that allows it to go from 20W to 5W— giving you fat tube tone at home or on stage without having to worry about volume levels.

Plus, we've added a 10” Celestion V-type speaker for big tone in a small package — perfect for practice rooms or small venues. The best part is that it's all made in England, giving you that authentic Marshall sound that all legendary rockers use.

Achieve Big Tone in a Portable Package

If you want to achieve big tone in a portable package, then the Marshall Studio Classic® combo is exactly what you're looking for. For starters, we've packed the legendary tone of the JCM800 series into a 20-watt combo—allowing you to take it on the road. Plus, its UK-made, all valve power reduction lets you crank out huge sound at home.

In addition, we've carefully selected a 10" Celestion V-Type speaker that gives you plenty of sound without compromising on portability. On top of that, this model also comes with an effects loop for adding even more variety to your sound.

So if you want to make some noise while staying on the move, invest in a Marshall Studio Classic® combo without breaking your back.

Get Professional Quality With the Celestion v-Type Speaker

When you want legendary rock status, then look no further than the Marshall Studio Classic® Combo Amp. It's powered by an all-valve design and has a 10" Celestion V-type speaker to provide an abundance of tone. Now you can get professional quality sound at home!

The Celestion V-type speaker is a great choice for this amp. It gives your sound the classic tone, but also it's portable so you can use it in any space without compromising on sound quality. And if that weren't enough, this amp has a built-in effects loop so you can add more variety to your sound.

So what are you waiting for? With the Marshall Studio Classic® Combo Amp and its Celestion V-type speaker, legendary rock status is yours for the taking.


The Marshall Studio Classic® combo is the perfect way to get legendary rock tones in one convenient, portable package. With all-valve power reduction and a range of features, you can achieve huge sounds and play at home with plenty of tone to spare. Whether you're looking for classic sounds or modern features, the Studio Classic® has something for everyone. So, whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years, the Marshall Studio Classic® combo makes it easy to achieve legendary rock status.

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