Perfect Your Sound With the Professional Newen Rock Guitar Series

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Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting out, creating an unforgettable sound is essential. When it comes to the guitar, many overlook one of the most important elements - the instrument itself.

That’s why we want to introduce you to the Newen Rock guitar series - an instrument designed for professionals who want to confidently stand out from the crowd.

This professional series is made with only the finest materials, including solid white oak from Patagonia and maple neck, to ensure precision and stability in your sound. With harmonics and high sustain levels as well as a unique tone that delivers saturated notes every time, this instrument is perfect for those seeking high performance results.

To top it off, this series also features Paradynamics Humbucker pick ups, custom bridge, ribbed style knobs and a 24 frets ABS nut - built in maple with rosewood storage for greater stability in tuning. Does it sound like perfection? We think so!

Overview of the Newen Rock Guitar Series

Are you a musician looking for a great guitar to take your sound up to the next level? Look no further than the Newen Rock Guitar Series! With its solid white oak body from Patagonia and its 24 frets, it will give you an excellent reach in sound with harmonics and sustain.

The Maple neck, combined with a mate lacquer finish and Paradynamics Humbucker pick ups, will give you a unique tone, as well as saturated tones. Plus, with its built in maple and rosewood storage, there's greater stability in the tuning. A soft semi-finished lacquer finish is applied to the body for an even better sound quality.

You'll also get a 3 way pickup switch, custom bridge, ribbed style knob, maple neck and ABS nut. Everything you need for great sound quality is included in the Newen Rock Guitar Series - so don't miss out on this amazing instrument!

Solid White Oak Wood Body and Satin Lacquer Finish

When you pick up the Professional Newen Rock guitar series, you're instantly struck by how solid and reliable it feels. That's because it's made with solid white oak wood, giving it an exquisite weight combined with great resonance and sustain. Plus, the satin lacquer finish gives it a beautiful look that won't distract from your playing.

The combination of respectable weight and a slick finish make this guitar the perfect tool for the ambitious studio musician. Its sound quality is crystal clear at all frequencies, allowing you to record with precision without sacrificing tone. And thanks to its sleek look and quality craftsmanship, you can take this instrument out onstage without any worries about reliability or durability.

In short, the Professional Newen Rock guitar series is a truly unique instrument that combines longevity, precision, and undeniable beauty into one package. It's an ideal choice for both stage and studio performances—so what are you waiting for?

Powerful Paradinamic® HUMBUCKER Pickup

The Newen Rock Guitar Series is equipped with Paradinamic® Humbucker pickups for powerful sound. These pickups are made from high-quality aluminum and are designed to deliver high-output and a strong signal without comprising the instrument’s tone. With the Paradinamic® Humbucker, you’ll be able to achieve a vast range of tones in your music, from saturated fuzz to sparkling clean sounds.

Unique Tone

The combination of the Solid White Oak wood body, classic design, and high-quality parts results in an instrument with a unique tone that stands out among its peers. This type of wood has been used by some of the best guitar builders on the planet for generations due to its ability to produce rich harmonics and resonate well at low frequencies.

Optimize Your Tone With the Custom Bridge

The Newen Rock guitars come with a custom bridge that's designed to give you complete control of your sound. The bridge is constructed from cold-forged steel for maximum durability and stability. This means that even if you're strumming hard and fast, the tuning won't get messed up—allowing for a crisp, clear tone every time.

But this isn't where the custom bridge ends: The bridge also has a full plate for string tension and intonation—allowing you to adjust the string pressure to your exact preferences. This lets you tweak the tone exactly how you want it, giving you more options when it comes to finding the perfect sound.

Additionally, the bridge comes with a high-quality roller saddle design that provides greater stability in both intonation and tuning. This reduces any unwanted dead spots in your playing so that you can concentrate on what matters—making music!

To top it all off, the custom bridge is finished in a soft semi-finished lacquer finish that's tough enough to withstand whatever strains life throws its way while still giving off an esthetically pleasing vibe. With this bridge, you'll be able to nail down exactly what kind of sound you're looking for.

Professional Features for Precise Tuning and Sustain

When it comes to tuning and sustain, the Professional Newen Rock guitar series has you covered. This guitar is built with solid white oak from Patagonia, so you know that it's top-notch quality.

Plus, the tone and sustain this guitar gives off is truly unique. And thanks to features like the Paradynamics Humbucker pickup and 3-way switch, you can control your sound exactly how you want it.

Here are a few more features that make this guitar incredibly precise and professional:

  1. Ribbed Style Knob allows for easy tuning of this instrument.

  2. Maple neck adds greater stability to the tuning process and helps with general setup accuracy.

  3. Soft semi-finished lacquer finish ensures longevity of the instrument's sound.

  4. ABS nut on the maple neck helps keep strings in tune without any buzzing or rattling sounds when playing chords or solos at higher levels of intensity.

  5. Custom bridge design creates a rich resonance that accentuates all notes in a scale, creating a harmonic and sustained sound each time you play your favorite song.

No matter what kind of music genre you prefer, the Professional Newen Rock guitar series is up to the challenge of creating your perfect sound!

Construction Materials for Maximum Stability and Tone Quality

The Newen Rock Guitar Series is a very solid instrument, precise and professional. Every component was chosen for its superior sound quality, ensuring that you get the best tone out of your guitar. The body is made from solid white oak which resonates with powerful harmonics and sustain. The neck is crafted from maple for greater stability in tuning, and the semi-finished lacquer finish gives the body a soft feel, while preserving the wood from oxidation.

To take it to another level, the Newen Rock Guitar Series uses Paradynamics Humbucker Pickups combined with a 3-way pickup switch to deliver incredible tone and saturated tones. And don’t forget the custom bridge and ribbed style knobs - all these features come together to create an unique tone that will bring your music to life.

Finally, the ABS nut has 24 frets so you can reach any note without a problem - you won't experience any tuning issues or out of tune notes during your performance or recordings. So when it comes to construction materials, you can rest assured that the Newen Rock Guitar series is built for maximum stability and tone quality.

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