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Whether you’re jamming in your garage or playing live for a crowd, you need an amp that can keep up with your sound. That’s why Marshall has developed the perfect practice amp to help you along your journey from the garage to the stage.

These amps will give you all the features you need — from MP3/line in for playing along to your favorite songs, to the emulated headphone output for silent practice — and more! With Marshall’s signature punch and lower-end, these amps are the perfect way to blast through any rehearsal room or intimate venue.

This Marshall Practice Amp is not only convenient; it packs a punch! You’ll feel like a rock god while you shred through solos or jam out with your buds. But don’t just take our word for it; keep reading to see everything these amps have to offer.

Perfect for Practice: The Features You Need

You don't need to pay top-rupees for a feature-packed amp when you're practicing in the garage. That's because these amps deliver all the features you need for practice, plus so much more.

For better sound and a bigger punch, this amp has two channels – clean and overdrive – with distortion control and two band EQs, allowing you to get the tone you need with just a few twists of the knobs. Plus, it has headphone output with speaker emulation for silent practice (no more early morning jam sessions getting complaints from the neighbors!).

For playing along to your favorite songs or jamming with a band, it also includes an MP3/Line input and a headphone output so you can blast your favorite tunes at practice. For added convenience, this amp is small enough to fit in any car or bus and light enough to be carried easily. With these features, you can finally feel like the rock god of your dreams – all without having to invest in expensive gear!

Great Design: Iconic Marshall Style

When you hear "Marshall", you know it's time to rock. Their practice amps take inspiration from the classic design of their legendary amp heads, and they look great. From the woven grille cloth to the control knobs, they don't disappoint. Not to mention, they are compact enough to fit into any setup—even the trunk of your car.

Plus, since these amps are for practice—not performing—they don't come with a bulky cabinet. Instead, you get an attractively designed combo that fits comfortably into your practice space or next to your backline onstage without taking up too much room.

But size isn't the only thing these amps have going for them; they come packed with features for hours of satisfying practice and performance time. Put on your favorite song and jam along using the MP3/line in feature and get ready to shred without annoying the neighbors or waking up mum — there’s an emulated headphone output so you can keep it lowkey but still sound good. No matter where you’re playing, these Marshall practice amps have got your back.

Discover Your Sound: Tone Shaping Controls

You don't have to be an audio engineering expert to get the sound you want out of these amps. With multiple channels and equalization settings, you have access to a range of tones that'll suit any style. From warm overdriven tube sounds to sparkling clean tones, whatever you're looking for you'll find it here!

Plus, with tone shaping controls like equalization settings, output level, and master reverb control, you can fine-tune your sound exactly how you like it. This means that whether you're performing in a garage or on stage, these amps give you the convenience and control of fine-tuning your sound quickly and easily. This is especially helpful when playing live gigs—you won't need to worry about lugging around a ton of gear just so you can find the perfect mix.

And with solid-state technology and custom speakers that give ample power with crystal clear sound reproduction, there's no denying the quality these amps offer. Whether practicing at home or performing live—you know these amps will deliver the punchy sound that brings your music to life.

The Added Punch: Powerful Speaker and Preamp

One of the best things about these amps is the incredible sound they produce. Don't let their compact size fool you, they bring an added punch and lower-end to your sound.

This powerful sound is thanks to the combination of a powerful speaker and preamp, along with solid state technology. The custom built speakers ensure that your tone is always clear and crisp, no matter what type of music you’re playing.

And if you want to take it up a notch, you can also tweak your tone with multiple channels and equalization settings to find your own unique sound. Whether you’re mixing up genres or playing around in the studio, these amps provide the perfect platform for exploration and creativity.

Jam Along: MP3/Line Input and Headphone Output

You'll never run out of things to do when you plug into one of these amps. Each one is equipped with an MP3/line in, so you can play along with your favorite tunes and shred your way to the top.

When it’s time to practice in peace, use the emulated headphone output for silent practice. Whether you’re in the garage or on stage, you can really crank up your volume without disturbing anyone.

Plug and Play

Gone are the days of struggling to get your connections right—just plug in a guitar and you're ready to jam!

Amplify Your Sound

These amps bring an added punch and lower-end to your sound with their solid state technology and custom speakers, so you can sound just like a rock star!

Take It Anywhere: Compact and Portable

When it comes to being portable and compact, Marshall's MG™ series of amps can't be beat. Whether you're heading off to practice in a garage or performing on a big stage, these amps are the perfect size for any situation. Plus, their beautiful gold piping and gold metal finish give them that extra touch of style.

Plug and Play Anywhere

The best part of the MG™ series is that you can take them anywhere with ease. Thanks to the emulated headphone output and MP3/line-in, you can practice in peace and quite no matter where you are. Plus, playing along with your favorite songs has never been easier!

Customizable Tone

If you're looking for great sound without having to lug around piles of gear, look no further than the MG™ series' solid state technology and custom speakers. With multiple channels and equalization settings, there's a tone out there for everyone—from clean sounds to edgy riffs, these amps have it all.


If you're a guitarist looking to practice or perform, the Marshall practice amp is the perfect tool for you. Its simplicity masks a wealth of features that make it the perfect size for both garage practice and intimate gigs. With the MP3/line in for jamming along to your favorite songs and an emulated headphone output for silent practice, you'll be able to dial in your sound and feel like a rock god. With the Marshall practice amp, you'll be able to take your sound to the next level and discover your own unique sound.

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