Casio CT-X870IN 61-Keys Hi-Grade Keyboard with Indian Tones and Rhythms

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    Indian Tones

    Sitar , Harmonium , Veena , Bulbul Tarang , Tanpura , Santur , Sarod , Sarangi , Esraj , Swarmandal , Shanai , Bansuri , Pungi , Shruti Box , Jal Tarang , Tabla, Tabla Tarang, GM Sitar, GM Shanai .

    Indian Rhythms

    Bhangra 1, Bhangra 2, Dadra 1, Dadra 2, Garba 1, Garba 2, Keharwa 1, Keharwa 2, Dandiya 1, Dandiya 2, Teen Taal 1, Teen Taal 2, Bhajan 1, Bhajan 2, Jhap Taal 1, Jhap Taal 2, Rupak, Deepchandi, Indian Pop 1, Indian Pop 2, Indian Pop 3, Indian Pop 4, Indian Pop 5, Ektal, Chautal, Dhamar, Tamil, Rajasthani, Goan, Qawwali, Kerala, Goan Pop, Karnataka, Telugu Keharwa Tanpura & Tabla, Dadra Tanpura & Tabla, Teen Taal Tanpura & Tabla, Rupak Tanpura & Tabla, Deepchandi Tanpura & Tabla 

    57 SFX Voices

    57 SFX voices including animal, nature and theatrical sounds along with religious sound like-Shankh and Temple Bell

    Rain, Seashore, Thunder, Wind, Bubble, Bird, Cat, Rooster, Cow, Dog, Donkey, Elephant, Goat, Horse, Horse Gallop, Lion, Nightingale, Peacock, Applause, Footsteps, Heartbeat, Child Crying, Child Laughing, Man Laughing, Punch, Scream, Roller Coaster, Bike Vroom, Car Passing, Car Crash, Car Engine Ignition, Car Horn, Jet Plane, Submarine, Car Tires Squeal, Train, Buzzer, Coin, Scratch, Shankh, Clock Tick- Tock, Whistle 1, Whistle 2, Whistle 3, Ambulance Siren, Blast, Bar Chimes, Doorbell, Door Slam, Door Squeak, Firework, Gunshot, Machine Gun, Police Siren, Telephone Call, Telephone Ring, Temple Bell.




    AiX Sound Source delivers High Quality Tones and Rich Expressiveness

    The CT-X Series comes with the AiX Sound Source, which can produce a wide range of sound qualities from powerful bass tones to clear high tones. The exceptional computing power of the high performance LSI reproduces the natural charm of acoustic instrument sounds, such as the agreeable change in tone when a piano key is struck, the sensation of a drum performance, or soaring strings.

    The high-speed digital signal processor is also applied for each sound type, such as melody, backing drum and bass, or organ. Even the standard ensemble for a keyboard delivers distinct sound for each instrument for an expressive performance.

    High-Visibility, Useful LCD Screen with Backlit​

    Conveniently displays helpful information for performances or lessons. Backlit for great visibility.

    Touch Response for Expressive Performance (Touch Sensitive Keyboard)

    Look forward to expressive performances with sound levels that vary with the strength with which a key is pressed, just like a real piano.

    Piano Keyboard for Responsive Performance​

    The keyboard features piano keys for easy learning and realistic experience of performing.

    *The keyboard has box keys. (Size of white keys: Length approx. 136 mm × width approx. 22 mm)


    Look Forward to Playing Exactly As You Want With Ease


    Automatically play arpeggios and phrases just by pressing keys. Built-in phrases such as guitar arpeggios and stroke playing, or ones suitable for bass or synthesizer style performances.


    Drums, bass and other accompaniment plays when a chord is played with the left hand, so even beginners can enjoy playing as if with a band or orchestra.

    Confirm Chords Easily with the Chord Book

    The keyboard includes a chord dictionary. Select a chord name and the LCD monitor will show what notes make it up and how to play it on the keyboard - you can even hear what it sounds like.

    Auto Harmonize

    Automatically adds harmony to melodies played, making it easy to hold performances with the depth that comes from a professional musician.


    Register detailed setups such as favorite tones, rhythms and tempos all in one go. Load them instantly when you need them, and it’s easy to change settings mid-performance.

    Music Presets

    Setups (tone, rhythm, etc.) for songs from a wide range of genres are available as presets. Just load one to create the performance you want.

    Pitch Bend Wheel

    The pitch bender wheel makes it easy to add realistic sounding guitar choking, sax bending, and other effects to keyboard play.

    Lesson System for Solid Improvement

    Step Up Lessons

    Lessons for short, easy to remember musical phrases. Learn one phrase, then move on to the next, working through them until the whole song is mastered.

    Grading and Voice Instruction

    The LCD screen shows a grade for the performance. And if you’re stuck during a performance, a voice prompt will say which finger to use.

    *Finger positioning is only available for right hand or left hand lessons.

    Lesson Part Selection (Right hand, left hand, both hands)

    Lessons are available for each part, with lessons for the left hand, right hand, and both hands.


    160 Track Song Bank

    Audio Input Port to Play Along With Your Favorite Songs

    Use the keyboard as a playback device by connecting an audio player such as a digital audio player or CD player, and play along.

    Connect to a Computer to Enjoy Even More Songs On Your Keyboard!

    The keyboard has a USB port* for easy connection to a computer. Up to 10 tracks can be saved to the keyboard in addition to the built in tracks.



    Basic Information

    Number of Keys 61
    Touch Response Sensitivity 3 types, Off
    Maximum Polyphony
    Number of Tones
    600 (21 Indian)
    Number of Rhythms/Patterns
    195 (26 Indian)
    Automatic Accompaniment Built-in Rhythms: 195 (26 Indian) User Rhythms: 10* * Maximum capacity per rhythm: Approximately 64 kilobytes
    Built-in Songs
    Demonstration Songs
    Demo Song: 1
    Built-in Songs: 160
    User Songs: 10*
    User-recorded songs: 6* * Maximum capacity per song: Approximately 320 kilobytes
    Lesson Function
    Lessons: 3 (Listen, Watch, Remember), Easy Mode
    Lesson Part: L, R, LR
    Functions: Repeat, Voice Fingering Guide, Note Guide, Performance Evaluation
    Real-time recording, playback
    Keyboard Play: 5 songs, 6 tracks
    Playing Along with a Built-in Songs: 1 song (L, R, LR)
    Memory Capacity: Approximately 40,000 notes (1 song)
    12cm x 2 
    2.5W + 2.5W
    Power Supply

    Batteries: 6 AA-size alkaline batteries
    Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
    AC Adaptor: LAD-6
    Auto Power Off: Approximately 30 minutes after last operation; Can be disabled.

    Power Consumption
    948 x 350 x 109 mm (w/o music stand)
    Approximately 4.4 kg (without batteries)
    Included Accessories
    Music stand, LAD-6 Adaptor
    Net Quantity
    1 unit; Contents: (Electronic Musical Keyboard, AC Adaptor, Note Book Stand) - 1 piece each


    Key Features

    Effects ・Reverb: 1 to 20, Off
    ・Chorus: 1 to 10, Tone
    Octave Shift
    Upper 1/Upper 2/Lower, ±3 octaves
    Transpose ±1 octaves (-12 to +12 semitones)
    Tuning Control A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
    Scales Preset Scales: 17
    Arpeggiator 100 types
    Music Presets 310 presets
    Registration 32 setups (4 sets x 8 banks)
    One Touch Presets 195 sets
    Metronome Beats per Measure : 0 to 9
    Tempo Range : 20 to 255
    One Touch Presets
    Pitch Bend Wheel
    Pitch Bend Range 0 to 24 semitones



    Piano/Organ Button Yes
    Chord Book Yes

    ・SFX: 57
    ・Musical Information Function: Tone, Rhythm, Song Bank numbers and names, staff notation, fingering, pedal operation, tempo, measure and beat number, chord name, etc.


    Input/Output Terminals 

    USB port
    Type A, Type B
    AUDIO IN Stereo mini jack
    PEDAL Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm)
    PHONES/OUTPUT Stereo standard jack
    ・USB Flash Drive: SMF direct playback, data storage, data loading, data deleting, USB flash drive format
    ・Power Jack: DC 9.5V


    Extented Functions

    MIDI 16 multi-timbre received, GM Level 1 standard



    Built-in Songs 

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