Blackstar Fly 3 Acoustic 3 Watt Portable Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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Fill Your Room With Sound

Whether your acoustic guitar is a parlour, dreadnought, or grand auditorium the FLY 3 Acoustic will give you more. From filling out your sound to reach more people, or angled back to act as a personal monitor, its natural sound reproduction will enhance your performance. The two switchable EQ shapes give you either a flat response or a mid-cut with some low and high boost, and the built in echo effect adds a natural ambience to make playing a pleasure. As with FLY products they have great battery life and the option to add the FLY 103 Acoustic powered cabinet to create a stereo 6 Watt set-up. Also available in the popular pack format including the FLY


Attention to Detail

Countless hours were spent on the design of the cabinet to achieve a sonic performance not normally found in a mini amp. The housing is sealed and tuned to ensure optimum tonal response and the material used has been mathematically modelled to have the Young’s Modulus of wood. This retains the bass response usually associated with a wooden cabinet.


Portable Speakers

When you want to take your music with you, the FLY 3 Acoustic can help you amplify it to the world. With its built-in MP3 / LINE IN jack, the FLY 3 can be used with your phone or device as portable speakers for your favourite tunes.

Hours of research and development time was given to the FLY 3 and Fly 103 to make sure they give the ultimate sound from a mini amp so when you plug in your phone / MP3 player you get a full-bodied sound that you expect from top quality portable speakers. Capable of being battery powered means you can take your FLY 3 with you wherever you go


Built-in Echo

The FLY 3 Acoustic comes equipped with an in-built echo effect offering control over echo time and level. Perfect for adding ambience to your sound anywhere.


MP3/Line In for Jamming along to Music

Play audio from your phone, MP3 player, tablet or laptop through the Fly 3 Acoustic or Fly 3 Acoustic stereo pack using an AUX cable. You can also plug headphones into the Fly 3 Acoustic via the EM. OUT and PHONES socket.


Additional Acoustic Instruments

As well as acoustic guitar, the FLY 3 Acoustic was specifically designed to sound fantastic with ukulele, mandolin and many other stringed acoustic instruments.


Emulated Line Out

FLY 3 also features Emulated Line Out, perfect for ‘silent’ practice or home recordings, keep your Blackstar tone no matter the volume. 


Long Battery Life

Under normal playing condition the FLY 3 Acoustic lasts for 55hrs of performance time on a single set of AA batteries.


Technical Specifications




1x 3" Full Range


Volume, Bass, Treble, Shape, Echo Level, Echo Time


Instrument In, Headphone/Emulated Out, Line-in, DC-in, FLY 103 Ext Speaker Out


6x AA Batteries or DC




170 x 126 x 102 (mm)

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