Armour KSS98 Keyboard Stand Single Brace

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The Armour KSS98 Keyboard Stand is engineered to provide both reliability and adaptability for musicians performing on stage or in the studio. Featuring a heavy-duty X-frame design, this stand is suitable for use with a wide range of keyboards and stage pianos. Its single-braced construction ensures robustness, while offering five secure locking positions for enhanced stability and versatility during performances.

Designed with the rigors of the road in mind, the KSS98 boasts sturdy non-slip feet, making it dependable for any performance environment. Its foldable design facilitates quick and effortless setup and breakdown, ideal for gigging musicians who need to move swiftly between venues.

Rubberized feet and arms provide a secure grip without damaging the surface it rests upon, ensuring that your keyboard or stage piano remains firmly in place without the risk of slipping. The stand's sleek black finish not only adds durability but also presents a professional aesthetic.

In summary, the Armour KSS98 Keyboard Stand offers musicians a dependable, adaptable, and road-ready solution for securely holding their instruments during performances, rehearsals, or recording sessions.

  • MATERIAL : Metal with Rubber Non Slip Feet
  • EXTRA FEATURES : Foldable. Height adjustable with secure locking mechanism. Contoured stabilizing rubber on feet and arms.
  • Height - 100cm
  • Width - 50cm
  • Length - 12cm
  • Weight - 8kg

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