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Are you a passionate and experienced guitarist looking for a new instrument? Look no further, because Furch guitars are here to make your musical dreams come true. Crafted with premium-quality master grade tonewoods and featuring proprietary design features and production technologies, this contemporary brand of guitar offers an incomparable sound.

Not only are Furch's guitars sleek, sturdy and lightweight, but they also boast a revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint for added stability. Plus, each instrument comes with luxurious appointments made from exotic materials such as Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood. With their cutting-edge LR Baggs Stagepro EQ system and high-rigidity Hiscox cases, Furch guitars are designed to last you many years of playing pleasure. Let's explore the remarkable acoustic sound of Furch guitars in more detail.


What Makes Furch Guitars Unique?

If you're a serious guitar player, you're likely well-acquainted with the Furch line of guitars. These impressive instruments boast precision-crafted premium-quality master grade tonewoods, proprietary design features and production technologies, a revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint and luxury appointments made from exotic materials like Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood all of which combine to give you the remarkable acoustic sound that Furch guitars are renowned for.

And it doesn't end there; each Furch guitar also comes with an innovative cutting-edge LR Baggs Stagepro EQ system for amplified performances that enhances sound quality, as well as a premium rosette made from master grade sitka spruce, African mahogany wood and excellent machine heads to ensure maximum tuning stability. And last but not least, every guitar is delivered in a high-rigidity Hiscox case with exotic leaf inlays, solid Spruce top, TUSQ Saddle and African mahogany neck.

Simply put: From the tonewoods to its luxurious appointments, everything about Furch guitars is designed with one intention—to bring out your true musicianship.

Proprietary Design Features and Production Technologies

When it comes to getting the premium sound you crave, it's all in the details. Furch Guitars is world-renowned for paying attention to all the details—from the highest quality master grade tonewoods to their unique design features and production technologies.

Their proprietary design features promote optimal playability and sound. For example, their revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint allows for greater stability and resonance. The neck is joined with the body of the guitar at a higher angle, allowing for more efficiency in transferring string vibrations into superior sound.

The cutting-edge LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem system also helps shape your tone with its state-of-the-art amplification capabilities while providing an authentic sound as clear as a bell. You can expect luxurious appointments made from exotic materials and even a premium rosette made from spruce to enhance your experience and elevate your guitar’s style.

Tonally Enhancing Finish with LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem System

You might not know this, but the Furch Guitars are made with a tonally enhancing finish and the revolutionary LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem system. This system features a bridge plate transducer, an under-saddle transducer and microphone preamps with an onboard digital mixer. All of these elements provide natural-sounding amplification for your guitar. You will have access to complete sound control with level, phase, and EQ adjustments, plus the ability to split between microphone and pickup sound or blend both sources together.

In other words, you can customize the sound of your Furch Guitar according to your preferences. Whether you're playing blues or country music, rock or jazz; you can get exactly what you are looking for!

Luxury Appointments Made From Exotic Materials

One of the best things about Furch guitars is the luxurious appointments that come along with them. Not only are they made of premium-quality tonewoods, but they are also made with exotic materials like Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood to give it an even more distinguished look and feel.

The proprietary design features and production technologies also add to their luxurious level. For example.

Lastly, you'll find luxuries like a solid spruce top combined with TUSQ saddle and exotic leaf inlays that make it a truly remarkable instrument.

Cutting-Edge Furch CNR System® Neck Joint Design

You may not have heard of the Furch CNR System® neck joint, but it's one of the features that sets Furch guitars apart from the competition. It's a revolutionary neck joint design that ensures the perfect connection between the neck and the body of the guitar.

The CNR system® consists of a number of parts, including:

  • A dovetail joint for maximum stability
  • An ergonomically designed heel that makes it easy to reach higher frets
  • A neck block with adjustable truss rod for neck bending and shape adjustments
  • An extra carbon fiber reinforcement provides additional stability

The result is stunning. Not only does this cutting-edge technology provide amazing stability and playability, it also helps extend the life of your guitar by protecting against changes in temperature and humidity.

Highest-Quality Material: Solid Spruce Top, African Mahogany Neck, TUSQ Saddle and More

When it comes to acoustic sound, one of the most important aspects is the quality of tonewoods. Furch has taken no shortcuts here, using only the highest quality materials in handcrafting their guitars. The solid spruce top provides a firm foundation for precise intonation, increased sustain and full harmonic content. African mahogany neck offers an incredibly smooth feel and maximum strength to ensure longevity. A TUSQ saddle enhances clarity and articulation, while an ebony fingerboard provides great touch with warm sounds. All these materials come together to create remarkable acoustic sound for the ultimate playing experience.


Furch’s remarkable acoustic sounds are truly the result of a unique combination of design, craftsmanship and technology. From the revolutionary neck joint design, to the cutting-edge LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem system, and the premium-quality master grade tonewoods, Furch produces a guitar that is truly unmatched in sound quality and playability.

The combination of all these features, from the exotic ziricote to the African mahogany neck, make the Furch guitar an exceptional instrument that any musician would be proud to own. Experience the remarkable acoustic sound of Furch guitars today, and you’ll never look back.


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