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Achieving Precise Tone with the Unique Design of Tanglewood Tiare Ukuleles

Have you been looking for a snugly-fitting, reliable ukulele that looks amazing and sounds even better? Then the Tanglewood Tiare Ukuleles are just the thing for you!

Tanglewood's years of research and development show in each of the carefully crafted Tiare ukuleles. Made with a combination of exotic materials like black walnut, mahogany, and spruce, every instrument boasts a "fiddleback" contoured back designed to enhance projection and volume, as well as Aquila strings and chrome metal machine heads that ensure precise tuning.

If you're ready to experience an upgrade in your instruments, then it's time to explore the unique design of Tanglewood Tiare Ukuleles! Join me as I break down the features and benefits of each model.

Developed With Patience and Diligence: The Making of Tanglewood Tiare Ukuleles

Tanglewood Tiare ukuleles aren't just any instrument—they are meticulously crafted with patience and precision. Every component is chosen with care, from the exotic tone woods to the luxurious fiddleback contoured back to the Aquila strings. This combination of quality parts results in a superior sound projection and volume.

In addition, Tanglewood ukuleles also feature neck truss rods for added stability as well as chrome metal machine heads for precise tuning. Together, this attention to detail ensures that you get an exceptional sound from your ukulele, no matter what song you are playing or strumming.

The research and development that went into creating these ukuleles is unparalleled—not only do they look stunning, they also provide a superior sound experience. So if you're looking for a ukulele that includes all the bells and whistles, Tanglewood Tiare is the perfect choice!

Exotic Tonewoods: From Black Walnut to Mahogany

Tanglewood Tiare Ukuleles are made with an array of exotic materials, designed to bring out the best tones and character from each model. From the deep and textured Black Walnut to the highly Mahogany, each material delivers a unique listening experience.

The Black Walnut was chosen for its ability to project complementing mid-tones with clarity, creating a deep and warm resonance for you to enjoy. As for the Spruce, these were selected due to their gorgeous figuring that adds depth and complexity to every note—making it a real pleasure to play.

This combination of materials is then further enhanced by Tanglewood's precision engineering. With neck truss rods fitted, along with chrome metal machine heads, you can rest assured that your instrument will stay in tune no matter what styles or genres you choose to explore on it - enabling you to achieve precise tones every time.

The “Fiddleback” Contoured Back for Increased Projection

Another thing you may not know about Tanglewood Tiare ukuleles is that they are designed with a “fiddleback” contoured back for increased sound projection and volume. This allows the instrument to be heard without any amplification so you can enjoy performing for friends and family without having to haul around a big, bulky PA system!

This “fiddleback” contour is created by the careful selection of wood and expert milling processes, ensuring the right shape and thickness of wood in all the right places to make your sound truly resonate. The process is an art form unto itself, with Tanglewood taking their time to get it just right before sending each one on its way.

It's worth noting that this feature is usually found on only the most professional high priced instruments as standard equipment, so having it as part of the design is a real bonus.

Precision Tuning With Chrome Machine Heads

If there's one thing you don't want to skimp on, it's precise tuning. Tanglewood Tiare ukuleles come with chrome metal machine heads to make sure all string notes are accurate and clear, while the neck truss rod allows you to adjust and fine-tune the tension of the strings.

It's this unique combination of high quality parts that give the Tiare ukuleles their perfect sound:

  • The chrome machine heads will help keep your strings in tune for longer, so you can count on flawless intonation every time.
  • The neck truss rod allows for easy adjustments if needed, giving you full control over how your ukulele sounds.
  • Aquila strings create a crisp sound with great resonance, so your music will stand out from the rest.

Combined with its luxurious contoured back for increased volume and projection, the Tanglewood Tiare ukuleles are designed for reliable tuning and pristine sound quality every time you pick it up.

Aquila Strings for Rich, Resonant Sound

It's easy to think of ukuleles as a fun, easy-to-play instrument, but Tanglewood takes their craftsmanship seriously. That's why all of their Tiare ukuleles feature Aquila strings—these strings provide the richest, most resonant sound possible.

The Aquila strings are made with a special type of synthetic material, fluorocarbon, and undergo a special treatment that allows them to develop "memory" which helps keep them in tune even after hard playing sessions.

you can easily adjust your Aquila strings so that you’re always hitting the right note at the right time. Having these two features combined makes the Tanglewood Tiare Ukuleles one of the best sounding instruments around!

A Range of Sizes to Suit All Players

You'll also be pleased to know that the Tanglewood Tiare ukuleles come in a range of sizes. The Tiare range enables you to choose from either concert or soprano size—allowing players of all ages and levels to develop as they progress without having to worry about managing a guitar-sized instrument.

The concert size is designed for someone with smaller hands while the super soprano is perfect for those who want a higher tension and full-bodied sound. Finally, the Tenor offers its own unique tone and greater dynamic range with four different tuning options available.

The beauty of these instruments is that you don't have to compromise on quality or sound—no matter what size you choose. Thanks to the precise tuning capabilities of the chrome machine heads and the luxury fiddleback sound projection, your ukulele will retain its tone whether you're playing in a professional arena or around a campfire with your friends. So rest assured; there's something for everyone when it comes to Tanglewood's Tiare range!


The Tanglewood Tiare ukuleles are truly something special. From the luxury “fiddle back” contoured back to the chrome metal machine heads that guarantee precise tuning, these ukuleles have been researched and developed with patience and diligence. The Tiare ukuleles are made up of a contrasting range of exotic materials, from stunning Black Walnut to Mahogany woods, specially selected by Tanglewood acoustics, enabling them to produce a range of beautiful tones that will soothe the soul. If you’re looking for an instrument that will inspire you to create beautiful music, the Tanglewood Tiare ukulele is an excellent choice.


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